September 29, 2014

I swear I had more and better livedrawings. ;_____; turns out I don’t

probs threw them in the trash. 
have a nice monday

(I’m listening to this song right now, how nice ) 

September 16, 2014

random doodles and studies update
+ I was reading some Hellboy and Fafhrd And The Grey Mouser so I made a sloppy Mignola/Fegredo style drawing. 

August 29, 2014

A5 doodles. 

August 27, 2014
tiny wizard doodle. 

tiny wizard doodle. 

August 16, 2014

I have a big stack of A5 papers I had cut myself for a present that eventually fell through. I just use em to doodle on now. 

August 9, 2014

last ones from my yashika

I’m quite disappointed in the fourth one, the school, that picture has been taken at night in nothing but moonlight with the shutter open for about 55 minutes. I guess it was too long, it looks like grey daylight now, weird. 

beginners mistakes. but it’s fun y’all

August 9, 2014

some animals from my yashica
It’s hard to see but the third picture is a nest of young birds inside an old letterbox. 

August 9, 2014

This is my better camera but I’m still figuring out the focus as you can see. 
still it’s fun. It’s an old Yashica mirror reflex. 
some more underway. 

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August 9, 2014

I’ve been dipping my toes in some analog photography. I’m still getting to know my cameras. This camera is a simpler one (no mirror reflex) but it has autofocus, which you’ll notice a distinct lack of in the pictures from the other camera. 

August 5, 2014

crappy doodle update